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  • Choose between One Piece, Naruto, Webtoon styles and others
  • 100 pictures generated
  • AI trained on 500 000+ anime pictures
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You will find the guidelines and tips below. Use the best photo from your gallery to get the best result!

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We have different styles to customize your photos, from One Piece, to Webtoon, to classic and more.

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Our system will generate a hundred of personalized photos according to your initial photo and the chosen styles.

More than 65630 satisfied customers

Join our growing community who trust us for their AI-powered avatar generation.

Upload your photo

Please follow our tips and rules to get the best picture possible, if you do not follow them the quality may be degraded.

  • Portrait photo (upper body), show your shoulders
  • Your face is clearly visible for more details
  • Background is distinguishable
  • Only one person
  • Look into the camera
  • Photo with a square ratio
  • No sunglasses
  • No exposed skin
  • No black and white picture
  • No size smaller than 512px

Have a question or just want to contact us? Feel free to send us a message on @animeaiapp


By selecting multiple styles, you will get an equal amount of each style. If you select only one, all photos will be of the same style.

Attributes beta

Sometimes our AI does not recognize certain attributes that are not well represented in anime. By selecting certain attributes, we will help your image recognition system with your inputs. These attributes do not have to be on the initial photo however.

Secure payment via Stripe. You will receive the results within 15 minutes directly by email. By uploading your photo you agree to the TOS.

All our Anime Styles.


AI Elf Generator

Generate Elf images from both text prompts and from your own photos.


Bleach Anime AI Generator

Bleach is a Japanese anime TV series. The Bleach Anime AI Generator is an app that is stylistically based on the Bleach TV series that lets you generate Bleach style anime photos.


Waifu AI Image Generator

The AI Waifu Image Generator lets you make your own waifu characters from a prompt or picture.


Classic Anime AI Image Generator

Classic AI Image generator is your app if you're trying to make generic anime images from prompts or from photos.


Dragon Ball Z Anime Generator

Are you trying to generate interesting Dragon Ball Z pics? The DBZ anime generator lets you do just that. Use prompts or your pics as input.


Fate Series AI Anime Generator

The Fate Series AI Anime Generator lets you create AI images stylistically close to Fate Series Anime. You can turn your prompts or pics into Fate series anime images with this app.


AI Naruto Image App

Naruto is quite famous even with those who are not anime fans. The AI Naruto Image App lets your turn your prompts or photos into interesting Naruto style art. Try now!


One Piece AI Photo Generator

The One Piece AI Photo Generator is an AI powered application that lets you create One Piece style art from your photos or prompts.


Vegabond AI Image Generator

If you want to create Vegabond style anime art, the Vegabond AI Image Generator is the app for you. Use your photos or prompts as input.


Webtoon AI Image Generator

Webtoons are a pretty interesting artistic genere. The Webtoon AI Image Generator lets you create webtoon style images from your prompts or your own images.

Over 800+ satisfied users

Reviews automatically translated and collected through a survey conducted on our customers.


I loved this anime photo generation service! For only 2 bucks, I got 100 cool pictures in a few minutes. I highly recommend this service to all anime fans!

MorganUnited States

I was skeptical at first, but this service is really crazy! I sent in my photo and was able to get Naruto style images super easily. It's a great quality-price ratio and it's very fast. On 100 generated photos you can find your dream picture, honestly don't even hesitate considering the price.


Super cool and easy. The generated photos in elf style are really great. I highly recommend, I also bought a pack for my boyfriend, it makes a great gift.


I'm so happy honestly. I sent my photo and got 100 Dragon Ball (my favorite anime) style images in an instant.

DemiUnited Kingdom

Very surprising! For only $2. The pictures were amazing. I can only recommend it, I gave some to all of my family. The wait is sometimes a bit longer but you get the results in a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions

You certainly have questions so we will try to answer them! Don't forget that you can contact us on @animeaiapp

What if I don't like the results?

Our AI is still young and learning, we can understand that some results may not be suitable for everyone, or even for some of the photo sent (anime images databases represent poorly minorities for example). We cannot offer refunds due to the nature of our infrastructure, however contact us and we will find a solution with a personalized generation with your image without additional payment.

Is a refund possible?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of how AIs work today, we will not be able to offer a refund. As soon as your photos are uploaded, our AI will train on your photo and produce new photos with the selected styles. To do this, we use powerful GPUs (Nvidia T4 GPU) which can be expensive for us. If the result is not what you expected, we invite you to read the card "What if I don't like the results?"

How long does it take?

To generate 100 photos, you can expect a result within a few minutes, depending on the waiting time.

Why should I select attributes?

It is not mandatory at all! You can select some attributes to modify your initial photo (add glasses, a cap...). However, we strongly recommend that you select them if your initial photo has one or more of these attributes. Our AI may have trouble recognizing some attributes that are under-represented in the anime image databases. If you have an important attribute and it was not represented during the generation, contact us so that we can prepare a personalized generation for you! We want everyone to be correctly represented, but it is sometimes complicated due to the nature of anime.

Can I send a photo with multiple people or a couple photo?

At this time we only recommend sending portrait photos with one person. In the future we may train our AI with photos of several people, so stay tuned!

How it works?

This AI is built on top of Stable Diffusion, a giant in artificial intelligence models that can generate just about anything and beyond imagination. We trained the basic model with hundreds of thousands of images from different anime databases to achieve this result. We use your photo to teach the model your look, and by combining the chosen styles, we generate your photos! The most natural styles (Fate, Classic, Webtoon...) will be closer to your natural look, while styles like Dragon Ball, One Piece... will be further from your appearance because the style is more specific.

How are my photos stored?

The original photo is stored in France, and is therefore under the strict rules of GDPR laws. The photo will be deleted entirely from our servers once the generation is completed. The generated photos are stored for an unlimited time. If you want to delete them, please contact us.

What is the size of the generated photos?

For the moment, the generated photos are in the same format as the initial photos, so 512px by 512px. Soon we will add an HD format, the photos generated so far will be automatically converted to HD without any additional cost, so don't wait!